Westmount Telecom has an individual approach to each client whether they are a major international telecom operator or a small size company. On that very reason we have developed two products we offer to all interested companies:

· Selected Pricelist

Westmount Telecom carefully caters only high quality routes to include them into its Selected Pricelist. We offer customers only Selected List of stable destinations supported by direct vendors, National Operators and Tier1 carriers. We do not provide A-Z lists, as to guarantee a 24/7 quality control on all sell routes.
Our Selected rate sheet is designed mainly for cost-driven retail, calling card, and business carriers. Selected voice service features our direct routes for over 100 countries at quite attractive pricing.

· Premium CLI

Premium CLI price list is a Quality focused product with the highest grade voice termination. Westmount Telecom combines routes with higher-than-market-level Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER). Advanced features such as guaranteed CLI and roaming provide world-class service at competitive prices. Now carriers can get the best by accessing Westmount Premium CLI Voice service via efficient IP interconnects.